5 Women Pirates to Know

Jolly Roger

Pirates made their mark and swore an oath on the Articles of Agreement under which a crew sailed. They agreed to take care of their own, share the plunder, and not allow women aboard.

They thought “women were weak, feckless, hysterical beings who distracted men & brought bad luck to ships, calling forth supernatural winds that sank vessels & drowned men.” (David Cordingly)

These women ignored them.

Elizabeth Swann of Hollywood legend

Spanning the globe and time, these five women left their mark on pirate history. There are more woman pirates than these listed here. This is just a highlight.

Sayyida al Hurra
Mary Read & Anne Bonny
Rachel Wall
Ching Shih

More information on Women Pirates:

Infographics by Hallie Alexander © 2020
Cover image from Pixabay

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