Hallie might be the only romance author who didn’t cut her teeth on old school romances swiped from her mother’s collection—she didn’t read them. In fact, Hallie wasn’t much of a reader until she opened her first romance and devoured it cover to cover like a child tasting chocolate for the first time. When Hallie isn’t writing steamy, feminist historical romances set during the American Revolution, she enjoys playing with her doodle dogs, cooking with her children, and taking long walks with her husband. A Widow’s Guide to Scandal, was a finalist in the 2019 Cleveland Rocks Romance Contest.

Hallie writes heroines centered as the heroes of their own story, swoon-worthy partners fighting to deserve their love, lush history, and lots of smooching. And, if there is an element of humor and hijinks, or a fraying in the fabric of the patriarchy? Even better.