Series: The Sons of Neptune 1776

Rescuing Her Rebel

What are the odds Lydia Allyn gives Daniel Greene, the man who broke her heart, a second chance when he stumbles upon her at the Merriwether Ball? About as good as her Royal officer father has of catching him in the act of smuggling that very same night. Which is to say, they both catch him, but only one can keep him.

14k words
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Henrietta’s peaceful house had a leaky roof, and she didn’t have money for repairs.

After an old friend offers to do the work for free, she learns that when you get what you pay for, you end up with the first boy you ever kissed staying in your home while healing from a broken ankle, a British soldier quartering in your attic and threatening to arrest your friends, an enormous dog with a rock obsession, and the world’s laziest donkey named Slow Dick.

Really, it was an embarrassment of riches, and the most delicious scandal to hit Turtle Bay.

2019 NEORWA Finalist