A Widow’s Guide to Scandal

July 22, 2020 from Soul Mate Publishing

Henrietta needs a marriage of convenience to avoid future misery, penury, and her controlling uncle. Marcus, rebel rogue and devoted member of the Sons of Liberty, thinks Henrietta’s reasons for marriage are the worst he’s ever heard. Not that he has any good ones.

Even so, while Marcus is marooned at Henrietta’s house healing from a broken leg, he promises to help her find one. Since she has no desire to fall in love again, any fool walking through her door will do. Good thing Marcus won’t be walking any time soon. The bad thing? Neither can forget the kiss they shared half a lifetime ago.

When Henrietta’s uncle, a colonel in the British army, threatens retaliation against the Sons of Liberty, Henrietta is forced to decide if love is worth more than safety, and Marcus, what truly defines him.