Why The Short Life Of Crispus Attucks Matters

250 years after Crispus Attucks’s death, Black lives are still vilified and murdered out of prejudice. The colonists demanded an investigation after Attucks’s death. As Americans, with a Constitution to back us up, we cannot and should not accept anything less now.

Love, Liberty, and Quarantine: The Story of Bedloe’s Island

Quarantines are nothing new in America. Liberty Island in New York Bay, once called Bedloe’s Island, has a long history as a quarantine station.

The Sons of Neptune

Prior to 1765, a secret society composed of a diverse, radical group of sailors in the American colonies formed. They called themselves the Sons of Neptune.

The Burning of Fairfield, Connecticut 1779

The British threaten to attack the fictionalized town of Turtle Bay in A Widow’s Guide to Scandal (coming July 2020). This was based on the very real attack on Fairfield, Connecticut by the British in 1779.

Think You Know Bagels?

There is some debate over the genesis of the bagel. It mostly depends on how one defines a bagel. By ingredients? Shape? Country of origin?